Prince Edward County Elopement

Prince Edward County wedding photographer – I haven’t shot a lot of weddings in Picton or around PEC, but it’s always a treat when I get to go there. It’s so charming and beautiful, similar to the way I feel when I go to Niagara on the Lake. I shot my first wedding in Picton 8 years ago and it was one of my favourite weddings when I was just starting out and it was even featured on Style Me Pretty. At the time I had almost no idea where I was going, but I was quite charmed when I arrived.

Steph and Lauren are so incredibly in love, that it’s so easy to capture the emotion and the connection that joins them together. They also have incredibly expressive and supportive friends and family. They got ready, had the ceremony and reception at the charming Air BNB The Bedwell – there is a stunning barn on the property, and everything about it is full of charm. We headed to the Dunes to take their portraits and that bright September sun didn’t disappoint. It was hot hot hot and we hiked up and down the hills, but Lauren looked perfectly refreshed the entire time. This Prince Edward County elopement was all the best parts of a wedding – family, relaxed atmosphere, fun and overflowing sincerity.

Steph is from Germany and love stories like theirs almost make me believe in soul mates, or at least that people can be so meant for one another.  I’m not sure I believe there is only one right person for someone, but I do believe in a powerful connection that pulls two hearts together, feeling like things are meant to be, or feeling like there is some recognition between two people when you still barely know each other.

Having been married myself, and now not married for a few years, lol, I haven’t lost that spark that draws me in to love – I really think it’s truly beautiful when two people fit together and is one of the most magical experiences of life.  I’m writing this post a few days before my birthday which always makes me a little reflective lol. Anyway – I hope you enjoy this gallery of these two beautiful people who found one another in a giant world. If you’re looking for a Prince Edward County wedding photographer please reach out to me, I have very few 2020 dates left, but 2021 dates are far more open at the moment.