Whimsical Earth to Table Farm Wedding

This whimsical Earth to Table Farm wedding was bursting with life and creativity, much like the couple Matt + Amy, who tied the knot on this beautiful barn property last summer. Not a lot of couples get married after they have started their family, but I have to say there is something so deep and real about people who get married after they have bonded their lives with children. It was clear their children were at the heart of this event, and the event was so family and child-centric it was so fun and lighthearted. The planning for this event was put together seamlessly by one of my favourite planners, Blush & Bowties. This was my first Earth to Table Farm wedding and the property didn’t disappoint at all. The barn is beyond beautiful, and I would think a very versatile space for wedding decor – you could go rustic or elegant easily. I love that Amy + Matt got ready in the same house, and I actually love the simple photos of Matt making lunch for their kids while Amy gets ready downstairs. So many of my couples are creative and like to do things their own way, and that’s something I love about the people who choose to work with me. Amy + Matt did everything their own way – the decor was so light and whimsical, there was very little that was traditional about the wedding. One of my favourite things was when the couple decided to toss profiteroles into each other’s mouth’s, a pretty hilarious replacement for a cake cutting, they opened the dance floor with a wild family dance off and the energy was amazing. I love the family photos we took during the reception on the beautiful colourful furniture outside of the space, and hanging out in the grass and hills on the property. Probably no surprise, but they had a pretty wild dance party at the end of the night, which was so much fun to photograph. I’m looking forward to my 2020 season, I have a few dates left, and I have started accepting 2021 dates. If you’re having an Earth to Table Farm wedding, I would love to go back, so please reach out if you like my work!            

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