Toronto Storys Building Wedding

Tommy + Leona’s Toronto Storys Building Wedding was my first wedding this season, they were another couple affected by covid postponements and at one point had completely cancelled their wedding, but eventually rebooked me a year later. I was so happy to finally work with them, they were kind and gracious through all the ups and downs. You can tell that there is a deep love between these two, there was many emotional moments throughout the day that were really touching.

I love spring weddings, they are so lovely – not too hot, and the flowering trees are always magical – I wish the blossoms lasted longer, I know that’s part of their beauty, but they are so special while they are here. I loved the radiant wall of yellow flowers for this first look in the park.

Leona’s dress was absolutely perfect for her, it was so feminine and elegant. I love how light and airy dresses have become, it was designed by Papilio Bridal

I have worked at the Storys Building many times for weddings and it’s a great venue, very versatile, amazing food, and I love the flow for events, by moving guests floor to floor there isn’t a lot of cutting rooms off with curtains etc, and it makes the event flow nicely. One of my other favourite Storys building weddings is on my site here. As I said, it can be a chameleon of a space, rustic and natural, glam, neutral, it’s pretty versatile and very central.

I’m really enjoying weddings this year, I always do, but I really am happy to be back to work after Covid. I shot an absolutely beautiful wedding at The Chase last night, another fantastic downtown intimate venue. There are so many great places for weddings in Toronto, especially as people continue to plan weddings that are more unique and personal to them. I hope you enjoy Tommy + Leona’s Toronto Storys Building Wedding as much as I did.

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