toronto engagement shoot locations – Colonel Sam Smith park

If you’re looking for west end Toronto engagement shoot locations, Colonel Sam Smith park is a beautiful location. I hadn’t been there before but it’s a favourite spot to walk for Jenna + Michael and their adorable dog, Wally. This location was epic in the fall – the foliage was incredible and I always enjoy exploring new places with couples. 

As we walked around Jenna said that fall is her absolute favourite season, but Michael said he loves summer the best. I must admit I’m on team summer myself, but fall is pretty special, especially this year. This fall has been one of the best I can remember. I’m genuinely happy most of the year except I kind of loathe November and January. 

Jenna + Michael are tying the knot at Archeo next year, one of my favourite venues in the Distillery District, I have been been there many times and it’s a chameleon, which I mean in the best way. It can be relaxed, elegant, cozy, airy, pretty much whatever people want to make it for their event. Also, amazing food, which is super important in my opinion.

If you’re getting married in 2021 or 2022 please reach out, I still have some space for 2021, and quite a bit in 2022 so far. If you’re looking for toronto engagement shoot locations – maybe consider Colonel Sam Smith in Etobicoke 🙂


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