Poruwa ceremony & glamorous wedding at the Crystal Ballroom

Sashi & Dishan hosted their beautiful Poruwa ceremony and sparkling reception at the Crystal Ballroom at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto. I love the Crystal Ballroom, every time I’m there it’s magic, and the room is such a chameleon depending on the event. The windows and the details are simply magnificent and it always feels like a special night when you’re there.

I met Dishan last summer while he was a groomsmen at another wedding. I was so happy to connect with him after and meet his amazing fiancé Sashi.

Sashi’s saree was so beautiful, she was such an elegant bride and she made my job easy, they were so in love and relaxed. We started taking photos around Trinity College, while we were there the couple shared an intimate first look in the courtyard, followed by private and intimate vows. This is such a lovely new tradition, a way for couple’s to share their most private and vulnerable vows without an audience, for some it’s easier to speak from the heart and then they can have a more traditional public ceremony later.

After UofT we headed to the Crystal Ballroom to get ready for the Poruwa ceremony before the guest arrived, the setup was beautiful and suited the space perfectly. I love wedding ceremonies that are full of tradition, they feel so significant and special.

After the ceremony Sashi changed into a traditional white wedding dress and we took some sunset photos outside of the hotel, they were so joyful and enjoyed every moment. The night ended with a perfect choreographed dance as a couple, I see a lot of these, but this one was really good!

I worked alongside planner, Loyda from Modern Functions and florist, The Wild Pansy who made the beautiful flowers that surrounded the poruwa ceremony.

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