Only One Gallery Wedding Toronto

This was my first time at the Only One Gallery, it’s a pretty amazing versatile space if you’re looking to have a gallery wedding in Toronto.  Jeremy and Kejina’s wedding was pretty amazing, stylish and completely them, and they are a beautiful couple inside and out. The story of how they met was beyond funny and a series of coincidences that can make you believe in fate, online dating, different cities, and somehow they fell in love. Laura Olsen Events did an amazing job, as always. Jeremy’s two beautiful daughters were such a big part of the entire wedding, and it was really amazing to see what a beautiful bond has already grown between Kejina and her new step-daughters. They all adore each other, and it shows the beauty of blended families, when there can be more people to love. The girls joined  Jeremy on the dance floor at the end of Kejina’s dance with her dad, it was really special that they were able to share that moment. Kejina + Jeremy are super into wine and food and this was at the heart of the entire occasion. The catering was fabulous and done by The Tempered Room, I love that they only had the parts of a wedding that they cared about. I’m pretty in love with the photos that we took on the street later on in the night as well. Photos at dusk are so romantic. For me, food and wine are at the heart of any great event, so these two were on the same page as me. My 2020 dates are filling up pretty quickly, if you’re engaged and looking for a photographer please reach out soon, I would love to hear from you 🙂

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