Northridge Inn wedding

Mike + Cristina’s Northridge Inn wedding was so personal and fun. I have been to the Northridge quite a few times and it’s one of my favourite venues up in the north. It’s not a super far drive for me from the cottage, and they have done a beautiful job with the resort. It’s nice how they have such an intimate and personal experience for the guests and most guests can stay on site easily.

These two are a lovely couple, they have been together for a long time and you can see the strong foundation between them. I went to their cottage to take photos for their engagement session and you can tell that the lake and being outside is something that’s meaningful to them, it makes sense why they selected this spot.

Beautiful planning by Blush & Bowties, Florals by Tanya List and Hair and Makeup Bespoke Beauty

Family was definitely at the centre of this wedding and I loved that their family dogs were included as well. Dogs at weddings, are always a win.

The Northridge Inn has a lot of natural character, the lake views are obviously beautiful, but the inside is a space where they have poured a lot of care into the decor. It’s a great foundation for a wedding – it doesn’t need that much extra decoration to be beautiful, and the grounds are welcoming to guests as well. If you’re planning a Northridge Inn wedding please get in touch, it’s a spot I’m always happy to return to.

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