Today I’m blogging Aliya and Mat’s winter cottage engagement session. These two were so cute, three actually; their new puppy Ozzie tagged along for a lot of the shoot. I also have a golden doodle, and I can’t believe he was that young and cute when we first got him – also nippy! That part of puppyhood I don’t miss. Now our guy is gigantic ball of energy.

We took Mat + Aliya’s photos up in the Algonquin Highlands, up around Minden where Mat’s parents have a cottage. I got to meet the whole family – which was a nice surprise, and they gave me delicious hot chocolate mid-session when we went to warm up. We took photos around the property and out on the frozen lake at the end. I’m always nervous being out on the frozen ice, I know it’s safe, but I can’t help but picture myself falling through the ice.

It was a beautiful day when we went out to shoot – sunny and fresh snow. Aside from the frozen camera hands, shooting in the snow is amazing. Aliya and Mat are clearly so in love, and very affectionate with each other. I love working with couples when it’s easy to see their connection. I am so excited for their unique backyard wedding next summer.