small wedding venues toronto – Canoe

Today I’m sharing this beautiful intimate wedding at Canoe in Toronto. If you’re looking around for small wedding venues in Toronto, Canoe is a fabulous choice. Often I get emails from couples telling me that they are getting married at City Hall, or having a Toronto City Hall wedding, but there are so many creative and beautiful options in Toronto that don’t involve the basic city hall chambers. If you’re wondering where to get married in Toronto, consider having an officiant meet you at a park, by the water, or even host the ceremony at the location of your intimate dinner. I can help with suggestions too. There are lots of intimate wedding venues in Toronto, and I feel like these types of weddings are growing in popularity, which I love. My other recent favourite was Joanna + Ben’s winter intimate wedding, which you can see here.

Amy + Hisham were clearly in love and it wasn’t hard to get them to focus on the love between them while we took their portraits. We started off taking photos around St. James Park and then we did my favourite thing, we wandered around taking photos on our way to the venue, taking in the city and making the most of the changing scenery. Her dress was amazing, sparkly, glam and also not too formal. Amy wore some thicker heels too, which made it easy for us to take casual portraits and walk around comfortably.

If you’re having an intimate wedding in Toronto and you like my work, please reach out, I really love them and would love to work together 🙂