Kawartha Lakes Engagement Session

I had a great time at Lauren + Mark’s Kawartha Lakes engagement session, this was my second winter cottage engagement session in the past few years and I love them! Aside from the scary frozen lake part, which I have mentioned gives me major anxiety! haha Mark’s family has a cottage right on Catchacoma lake and Lauren’s family isn’t too far from them either – I love visiting cottages, they are all so unique. Each cottage has history and is full of neat artifacts, and they have so much character that you don’t see in houses in the city the same way.

Lauren and Mark were so easy going, I love it when couples think they will be awkward taking photos and then they are just affectionate, happy and relaxed the whole time. I am not as familiar with the Kawartha Lakes and Kawartha cottage area, but it’s really pretty when I visit. If you are having a Kawartha cottage wedding please email me 😀