Joanna + Ben’s wedding was lovely, the day revolved around the love and support of their families – they hosted the ceremony in Ben’s parent’s home, and Joanna and her girls got ready at her parent’s home. People should always consider their home when they are looking for an intimate wedding venue in Toronto – sometimes it’s all you need.

Winter Wedding Photos Toronto

Joanna had great style, I loved her bold red lipstick and it was just so striking again the snowy backdrop of February in Toronto. Winter weddings are beautiful when couples are willing to go outside, the light is so soft and I could take photos in it forever. I shot several winter weddings this winter and the portrait sessions always went smoothly. If you have sparkly heels, bring along some boots to make it easier to walk around.

Joanna’s bridesmaids wore jewel tones which really popped as well, they were a lot of fun to work with and I loved snapping a few pics of their mini dance party before they left for the ceremony.

Family is everything on wedding days, and you can see how much Joanna’s dad adores her in these photos.

Intimate weddings are always such a special experience, every guest means the world to the couple, and there is an inclusive energy you don’t get the same way with a big wedding. They are always something I look forward to, if you’re having an intimate wedding please reach out 🙂