Christina + Kyle’s Berkeley Field House wedding was fun and relaxed, just like them. I have shot many weddings at the Berkeley Field House over the years – it’s a bright cheerful venue with great flow.  Another benefit to a Berkeley Field House wedding is it’s located right in the heart of the city and has so many great photo locations around it.

Christina + Kyle’s wedding was just easy going, they didn’t have a bridal party or too many traditional elements, just a day that centred around their love and their families and friends. I loved Christina’s dress, it was very simple but really elegant and it worked perfectly with her hair and overall look.

Alyssa + Co. planned and coordinated their day and kept everything running smoothly. Currently I’m catching up on blogging some weddings, Covid has made this an interesting time, I have so much time at home, but I also am accompanied by a 5 year old 24/7, which is not the best boost for productivity haha

I do have quite a few 2021 dates available at the moment, but they are filling up more quickly as a result of 2021 brides getting organized and 2020 brides moving over to the dates for next year as well. It will be a very busy year I think.