Brunch Wedding at Langdon Hall

Yasmin and Jimmy had the sweetest brunch wedding at Langdon Hall. I haven’t been there early in the day for a wedding before and it was fun to use the grounds differently because the sun was just coming up.

Both Yas + Jimmy are creative and fun people – they wanted a mix of photos, candid, casual dark and moody and bright – something to represent their day and who they are.

I had the pleasure of shooting Yasmin’s sister’s wedding as well, and they are such a lovely family. It’s really special when you get to know a group of people through related events.

I love how weddings have changed in the last few years, people choosing to do things the way they want to – and this wedding was so charming and personal. Apparently brunch weddings used to be super popular ages ago and it is a very civilized flow for a day – particularly if you aren’t big partiers.

I have a lot more work from my 2022 season to upload, I’m trying to post and catch up on work. If you are getting married in 2023 please reach out, I still have some dates available. I hope you enjoyed this beautiful brunch wedding at Langdon Hall.

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