Backyard wedding with outdoor string light reception

I love backyard weddings, but this backyard wedding with the perfect outdoor string light reception was what dreams are made of. Bronwynn + Peter were one of my covid couples, they originally booked their wedding at Ivy Ridge, after the numerous ups and downs they decided to host their wedding at Bronwynn’s mother’s house in Aliston Ontario, we originally tried for June and pushed the date to July and the day was perfect. This day was beautifully planned by Blush + Bowties, a fantastic planner that I work with regularly, they design flawless modern elegant weddings and I always recommend them. The other amazing vendor team is Bellwood Blooms for florals, and Radford beauty for hair and makeup. This wedding was full of joy, everything was so laid back and well thought out. There is something so special about a 25 person wedding. The guests are all so close and tight, the speeches are so personal, the connection between all the guests makes for such a cohesive party and a collective experience. I like how weddings have become small, they have become whatever couples want them to be, I’m there for the personal expression of each couple, I think it makes it all the more interesting. One of my favourite things about outdoor receptions is being able to show the passing of time, the light fades from gold to blue, the landscape changes, and it’s so rewarding from a storytelling perspective to be able to weave that element through a wedding gallery. When I spoke with Lauren at Blush and Bowties, she told me the plan was to have a backyard wedding with this outdoor string light reception, I thought it sounded amazing, I haven’t shot a tablescape with this type of lights before. When it got dark the string lighting really shone and I love the way the reception lit up the lawn and created a special ambience. Weddings this year feel extra special, people are just so thankful to be together, I am also so thankful to be back to doing what I love. Many more weddings coming up over the next few weeks, I’m truly excited to share more work here when I get a chance. If you’re here looking at my work and you would like to work with me, please reach out, I would love to hear from you.    

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